Monday, November 25, 2013

Early Thanksgiving!

Since I know for a fact that I will be extremely busy the day before Thanksgiving and the same day well, HAPPY EARLY THANKSGIVING!!! I want to begin by saying that in my humble opinion Thanksgiving Day should be every day.  We should give thanks every day for what we have, for what is yet to come and just because we are breathing, I know I do.  But since this is my first Thanksgiving blogging I want to post what I am grateful for:

My relationship with God ~ I can finally say that I overcame that anger I had.  I mean who am I to get angry at God, He has the answers to every question I have and although some are not answered yet I now know He has a purpose in my life.

My marriage ~ They say the first year is the worst, and indeed it is.  I am not that type of person to say that I’m in the best of marriage, because nobody is. Although I can say this year has brought us closer to each other between tears, sorrow, anger and happiness.  And in God’s name I declare the best years to come.

My family ~ This is my first year celebrating Thanksgiving without my family.  It has been hard and depressing but I have to admit distance has made me appreciate more my father and my mother. Their unconditional love is unexplainable and I will forever be grateful for having these two in my life.  I also have to admit that I’m glad I have a special bond with my sisters, we fight, we curse each other out, but those two are a piece of me.

My job ~ Because finally I’m in an environment that I love doing what I love.

My friends ~ I honestly have to thank Wilmary, Solimar, Desiree and Carla, and although these two are my cousin I have to include them, Cynthia and Joselly; because all of these ladies have seen my cry at my worst, and yet they listen and always had a positive word to encourage me to keep my hopes up.  It’s something I have to give thanks for.  Thank you ladies!!!

My health ~ Becoming a health freak has been a fun journey in the past month.  I've found the best recipes that my husband and I both enjoy.  And going to gym as a couple has been fun (I have to admit we make fun of each other).  I can finally say bye bye to those bitches (pounds) that were killing me lmao (I will post my routine and nutrition plan on another post).  My vacations start next month, and I know it will be a total disaster, I miss my momma’s food plus its Holidays I’ll eat everything they make.  So, once I return I will continue eating healthy and exercising.

    Knela ~ Some people may find this weird but I’m grateful to have this little dog/fur baby in my life.  She’s like a baby to me.  And it’s amazing how at times “animals” can be more faithful than a human being.  I mean I can yell at her now (for breaking my garbage bags lol) and 1 minute later she’s following me everywhere I go.  I love her to pieces.  Plus even though she’s a tiny toy poodle she defends me from anyone.  I LOVE HER.

     To all my blog ladies and all my readers thank you and enjoy your Thanksgiving Day.  

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