Friday, November 15, 2013

Just Because

So on Wednesday, while working I received a beautiful and tasty Edible Arrangement with lots of chocolate covered strawberries, apples and pineapples, with a simple note that said “I LOVE YOU FOREVER”.  Later that day when I got home from work my husband arrives with another box of chocolate cover strawberries and a fake yet smelly rose (for those who know me very well like him know that I don’t like real flowers only fake ones that can last a life time and not die the next day).  Of course I jumped on top of him and gave him hugs and smooches; and I finally asked him “what did you do?  Why are you so sweet and giving today, it’s not our Anniversary, Monthaversary, Birthday, Christmas or Valentine’s Day”. 

His response was: “I’ve been wanting to do this because you are my wife, because you have been there for me always, because you support me and my decisions, you respect my job, you have forgiven my flaws, because you make me feel perfect even though I’m not, because you are a hard working woman, because you keep food on the table and you make this house complete.  Simply because I Love You and you deserve this and more.

I was slapped in the face, mouth wide open, shocked.  I love this man.  Yes, we’ve had our situations (no marriage is perfect), sometimes we just want to go different ways, but then you look back and you think, this is what I really want.  To me, in my eyes there is not and will not be anyone better that God could have put in my life to be my husband.  We are human being, we make mistakes every day.  We just have to learn to forgive and forget, we have to learn to become a better person to ourselves and our marriage and make the best out of life, marriage and family. 

So remember ladies & gentlemen you do not have to wait for a special day to surprise your loved one, you can take any moment to let them know you are thinking of them, that you appreciate them and that you love them.  Wear your heart on your forehead; let the whole wide world and God that you love your Spouse. 

Happy Friday!


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