Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Sweater Weather: TAG

I saw this TAG and I thought it would be fun to do.  So here it is, a few things of my fall favorites:

Favorite candle scent?
Mahogany Teakwood from Bath and Body Works; I haven’t changed this scent for a while.  For some reason it reminds me of Abercrombie & Fitch, and the smell to me is aphrodisiac lol.  

Coffee, Tea, or Hot Chocolate?
I’m a coffee drinker in the mornings and either tea or hot chocolate at night. 

Do you switch up your makeup routine for the season?
Yes!  I use pastel colors for the summer and darker eye shadows and burgundy lipsticks for fall/winter.  I also use more moisturizer on my face to keep it from getting dry during the colder weather.

Favorite Thanksgiving food?
Turkey, “arroz con gandules” (rice and pigeon peas), potato salad, “pasteles” and corn bread.  Oh let’s not forget sweets, some homemade pumpkin pie.     

Hats or scarves?
Scarves! My husband has been trying to convince me to buy a hat but for some reason I’m just not into them.

Most worn sweater?
I would have to say my Express sweater it’s cute and confy and warm!    

Must have Fall nail polish?
OPI Lincoln Park After Dark this has been my summer, fall, winter you name it color, I love it.  

Football games or jumping in a pile of leaves?
I’d honestly have to say none.  But I do support my husband’s team when he watches the games GOOOOO GIANTS

Skinny jeans or leggings?
Skinny Jeans all the way, I think I owe like one pair of leggings. 

Boots or Uggs?
Boots, I don’t like uggs they get ugly after a certain amount of use.  And I dislike ugly.

What is your #1 favorite thing about Fall?
I’d have to say the colors.  I love how the trees look all nice and orange, red and yellow it’s just peaceful to my eyes.

Just look at that tree how amazingly beautiful

Do you have a song that gets you in the Fall mood or just a song you're loving at the moment?
I don’t have any song in particular.

What is the Fall weather like where you currently live?
Currently, in Fayetteville it is 49 degrees and it’s raining L

Hope you enjoyed this TAG, and let’s see who does it now lol it would be nice to see what you’re into during the fall!

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  1. Very cool tag! I just learned so much about you. I have recently gotten into wearing lipsticks and I really love them. I like mattes in dark reds and plums.

    1. Girl I’m obsessed with makeup it’s one of my hobbies lol. I’m really glad I requested you through facebook and instagram.