Monday, February 3, 2014

Day 3| What Scares You

Today’s #blogeverydayinFEB challenge is “Something that Scares You” and just the thought of writing makes me already scared lol. 

As a Christian I know I should not be afraid, and I should trust God.  I can say I’m barely not afraid of too many things for example I’m not afraid of animals (some disgust me but not to scare me) but there are four things that truly terrifies me so here it goes:

I’m scared of the dark (When I’m with my husband or accompanied I tend not to get scared, but when he’s in the field, I have to sleep with the tv on.  Darkness terrifies me ever since I was a little child)

I’m scared of living without my parentsEventually I know they will have to leave this world someday just like me but having them so many miles apart and not being able to see them everyday terrifies me.

I’m scared of being emptyStruggling with infertility is something I do not desire not even to my worst enemy. 

I’m scared of anesthesia – I have been put twice to sleep (anesthesia) for two minor surgeries and the thought of not waking up would make me cry.  Nurses would have fun with me lol.

What are your fears???

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