Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Day 5 | Book Review

It's day 5 on the #blogeverydayinFeb wow, and I'm proud of myself I've been able to keep up yayy for me!!!

So, Book Review it is…

Reading is my passion, I have so many books of so many different topics; but years ago a friend of mine (Belinda) sent me a box with 3 books, and from these 3 the one that I can say has touched, inspired me and helped me in so many ways has been Boundaries: When to Say Yes, How to Say No to Take Control of Your LifeMy entire life I had no idea what self-respect was.  I never said no, because I was scared of rejection. So people used me, belittled me and treated me how they wanted too not how I deserved to be treated. 

This book is biblically based; it helps you understand the meaning of boundaries and codependency, it uses examples of real life situations of fear, rejection, etc.  Reading this book and using my bible and prayer as help made me understand so many things.  God wants us to set our boundaries in order to love others.  With this book I learned to be dependent, make my own choices, respect myself first and I certainly learned how to say NO.  

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  1. Interesting! I think self-respect is a value we should all hold for ourselves. Without it, a sense of happiness withers away from us. I love it when a good book reminds us of that!