Thursday, February 6, 2014

Day 6 | Make Up Must-Haves

So today’s challenge is Makeup Must-Haves and this is a topic I can go on forever.  I love makeup, I love putting makeup on people and I love getting ready each morning just for it.  So enjoy these are my everyday make up and things I must have all the time. 

Skin & Eye Primer:

To me these items are essential because the skin primers settles the foundation softly making it look natural and the Eye primer helps my shadow last all day long believe me when I say this.  I can put shadow on in the morning, work all day and go to the gym and I still have eye shadow, plus in doesn’t create line smudges. 

Foundation, Concealer and Powder:

I have been using these products for years now.  And I tried a Two Faced Foundation, I ended up giving it away. It just doesn’t settle on my face like MAC does. 


For some reason I don’t like regular blushes, and for my skin tone I just prefer a nice bronzer that makes me look as if I had the perfect suntan.

Eyes & Lips:

Let me just say that I have tried so many eyeliner brands from cheap to not so cheap and they all left the end of my eye all smeared and looking nasty.  When the MAC Consultant talked me into buying their eyeliners I think it was the best decision.  And there mascaras they are – to die for.  Right now there are just two lip colors I am using and those are Hug Me and Film Noir (I’m not too much of a lipstick changer).

Eye Shadow: 

When it comes to shadow I have a whole case of different colors and different brands.  I love doing these dramatic looks for the night if I have an activity or a date with my hubs.  But since I’m always I work, I like more neutral colors and this Two Faced Natural Eye Shadow to me would be the best. 

Setting Spray:
I saw a review of this product on Youtube it is the best!!! Try it.  It settles your makeup to a point that you don’t have to retouch your powder. 


I use all type of brands brushes from Avon to ELF.  I prefer to spend on makeup and not on brushes

What are your favorites???

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