Monday, February 10, 2014

Day 8, 9 and 10 | Impossible Weekend

I missed this weekend #blogeverydayinFEB challenge; so I’m including them all with today’s challenge as well.
DAY | TEN – What You Are Learning This Season
Throughout my entire life I didn’t know what patience was.  
And I’m still learning how to control myself.
I realized that without patience I can lose everything, my family, my husband,
my friends, my job and most important MY FAITH.  
I’m learning that everything is in God’s timing in the meantime 
He will fulfill my needs in different ways.

DAY | NINE – A Day In The Life
Sunday, February 9, 2014: 
6:30 Took a shower and got dressed
6:55 Dropped off my fur baby Knela at the vet for her dental cleaning
7:30 Had breakfast at Ihop with the hubs
9:00 Did laundry
12:00 Cleaned the house with the hubs and watched tv.
4:00 Ate something light and did groceries
5:00 Picked Knela up from the vet poor thing was sleeping all afternoon and evening
5:15 Put groceries away and began cooking
6:45 Ate dinner with the hubs (Boiled Potatoes, Corn and T-bone Steak)
7:00 We were watching Crazy.Stupid.Love (I love this movie)
8:00 Face Time my parents in Puerto Rico
9:00 My Happy Hour (THE WALKING DEAD)
10:00 Showered
11:00 Zzzzzzzzzzzz = Sleeping

DAY | EIGHT – Music That Moves You
I love music, to me music takes away my stress and helps ease my mood swing lol. I don’t have a specific type of music generation I basically listen to everything so I’m going to list some of my favorite artist down below:

Worship Music Artists (English & Spanish)
Joann Rosario
Hillsong United
Casting Crowns
Tercer Cielo
Samuel Hernandez

Spanish Music (Different Generations)
Charlie Zaa (Ballad)
Cultura Profetica (Reggae)
Robi Drako Rosa (Pop)
Fiel a la Vega (Rock)
Enanitos Verdes (Rock)
Daddy Yankee (Reaguetton)
Yomo (Reaguetton)

English Music (Different Generations)
Justin Timberlake 

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  1. Patience is the worst!! Very hard thing to have. I've been learning a lot about it with all this infertility stuff too!