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Day 1 | My Story

 Blog Everyday in February

When Baily posted this challenge on her blog I was so excited.  But then I was I couldn't find much pictures of me as a kid since everything is in Puerto Rico.  So I scooped into my Facebook and I got these.  So here goes nothing.  

My baptism in 1984

Well I was born in the 80's in Brooklyn, New York.  I'm the youngest in the house out of three of us.  I lived my baby years in New York and when I turned 9 (if I'm not mistaking) my parents decided to move to Puerto Rico. 

Mom and me in our apartment in New York

In Puerto Rico, I was one of the happiest girls, I made so many friends in Kindergarten and through my Junior and High years we all went to the same school.  I can say I have great memories from my schoolmates and thank God for them because through distance we are still friends.  

I was 14 years old in this picture

My teenage years wasn't bad at all.  The only pain I had was the thought of my father not loving me.  Long story short he was never affecionate with me.  It was so hard to hug my father and hearing an I love you daughter from him was so hard.  I have to admit I'm so happy that over the years the relationship between my dad and I has changed totally.  I love him dearly and I know he loves me.  

 I have to admit thank God for evolution 
look at my clothe

At my sisters wedding

When my boo bear nephew was born 

  At my nieces Sweet 16  

After 6 years of dating on 2007 I got married to my ex husband, although God had given so many signs that he wasn't the man for I still made decision to marry him and after 4 months we separated.  It was a very rough, heart breaking time for me.  I was judged in so many negative ways, but I left everything in Gods hands.  I have to thank my best friend (to me she's like a sister) because thanks to her the pain wasn't that bad to handle.  

Wilmary (bff) & Me on her wedding day

 Hanging out with my best friend 
(she was taking the pic lol)

 I thought I was a model lol

During the 4 years divorced I had met guys and when I would tell them that I was looking for a serious relationship they would disappear.  So I decided to stop looking for love and started focusing on my career and my family (mom & dad).  Well to my surprise God had different plans with me.  I met my now husband.  I mean when I said I'm not a booty call, and if your not looking for a serious relationship you are waisting your time, this man looked into my eyes and I knew right there he was the man I was waiting for. I prayed so much because for starters he was in the military, and he had so many tattoos.  Now I don't judge tattoos cause I have two.  But I didn't know if my parents would approve and if he had the same christian believes as I did.  Well here we are happily married.  
Our first date

When I adopted Knela and brought her home <3

Well this is it for Day 1 looking forward for tomorrow.  Have a great Saturday night!!!

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