Monday, February 17, 2014

Every Great Love Story Begins Somewhere

On November 2011 I was hanging out with whom at that time was my roommate, looking for a good spot to eat.  I had presented her one of my friends via facebook and they had kept communications so that they he called her and asked her to put me on the phone.  So, we started chatting and he asked if I was single, at that time I was “dating” someone but it wasn't official since he never asked me to be his girlfriend, so I said yes.  Right there he tells me he was next to his best friend and he wanted me to get to know him because he was a good man. 

I told him I wasn't interested in meeting anyone at that moment, but he kept insisting telling me how he looked physically, and that he was mature, respectful and looking for a serious relationship.  So I asked him to send me a picture of his friend, and to my luck, I had been looking at this guys picture for the longest on facebook in my friends page.  I always thought to myself that he was very handsome but yet again he's in the Army and there's no way I would date or look at any military man.  Anyway continuing... I told my friend to give him my number and in less than a minute we were already texting.  Then it became constant phone calls until he finally decided to call me through facetime.

Like I had said before, I was seeing someone and I decided not to talk to Josean (my husband) anymore.  So I literally ignored all his text messages, his calls I simply erased him out of my life.  On January I decided I was better off alone and after several misunderstandings with the person I was dating we officially stopped seeing each other.

And yes, I contacted Josean again; this time he was the one that ignored my calls and my text messages so I stopped.  I began to pray and asked God so many questions, what was I doing wrong to deserve this emptiness I was feeling inside my heart.  And there it was a mysterious call telling me he was in Puerto Rico on vacations and wanted to meet me in person. 

So, I accepted, we met at a gas station because I did not want to go out to dinner, or to his family’s house or mine.  That day we talked so much we were like 3 hours on a nonstop conversation and I was so nervous it was obvious.  We basically hung out for 2 whole weeks and before he left my words were “I am not a booty call, I’m looking for a serious relationship, I feel like a flower that everybody looks yet they just walk away”.  And  Josean then told me, “I know you are scared, but if you let me I will protect you like the most valuable flower that has ever existed”.  I told him “flowers die after a while” and he said “there is something about you that I know will keep this love growing”.  (He only get’s my fake flowers now and I LOVE THEM)

LOVE??? I mean this guys doesn't even know me but indeed it was the most passionate, sincere love I have ever experienced.  We officially started dating January 27th, 2012.  We were on a long distance relationship for 8 months.  Where we would face-time, text, and email each other and we traveled 3 times to see each other.  

When We First Met

But there was a burden inside of me, I continued to pray and one day the only words that came out of my mouth was “we cannot continue with this long distance relationship”  we were spending money and to me our time.  I trusted him but I just didn't feel like continuing with something that to me was going to end up breaking my heart.  And there it was only 4 words came out of his mouth “WILL YOU MARRY ME”. 

Of course I said yes and on September 7, 2012 we became one.  We got married by court, and on December 12, 2012 I moved to North Carolina. 

Married through court

Yes we had a short relationship, but we know that God put each other together for a reason.

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